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A brief history of my life.

I was born in Shanghai in 1927. I was unable to complete my schooling as I was interned by the Japanese from 1943 to 1945 in an internment camp in Yangchow.
After the war we were repatriated to England in 1947 where I gained a Higher National certificate in Electrical Engineering and also one in Mechanical engineering, at Coventry Technical College.

In 1954, I was married to Anne. We had four delightful children, 3 girls and a boy, now fully grown with children of their own. My son has two girls and my daughters have two sons each. I am the grandfather of eight grandchildren. They are all my pride and joy.

I worked as a designer for various motor companies in Britain. Rover, Standard Triumph, Rootes Group, Jaguar, Chrysler/ Peugeot when they acquired Rootes Group.
In the 70s, the motor industry in the UK crashed due mainly to strikes by the unions and poor management.
I then went abroad, first to Gotenburg in Sweden as a designer for Volvo where I worked several contracts. Then to U.S.A. Detroit for G.M. from 1982-1985. Then Germany, in Sindlefingen and Weissach for Porsche. Next to Uusikaupunki in Finland for Saab. Then to Holland in Eindoven for Volvo/Daf on large Volvo Trucks and finally to Washington in Tyne and Wear for Nissan European Technology Centre where I retired from the motor industry in 1990.

I took a 2 year course on Uplands Resource Management at Craven College because I acquired a parcel of land in Airton fronted by the River Aire as I lived in a large mill converted into flats there.
On the land I planted 80 whips and saplings, all indigenous species. I also became a volunteer warden for the Yorkshire Dales National Park, a post I held for about ten years before I moved to my present address in Skipton, when I donated the land to the mill.

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Since my retirement, I spend my time swimming in the mornings, going for walks, attending U3A classes on Calligraphy, French, Art, Poetry, History of Art and Aspects of Art and Architecture.
I also write poetry and paint.

Of course, I have several holidays a year as I have two time-shares. One in Puerto Banes in Spain and another in Stratford upon Avon and I am a member of “HPB” (Holiday Property Bond). I spend many holidays with family too.

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