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Haiku Poems - Death











27. To depart this earth
With works and dreams unachieved
Would be a pity.

45. Immortality
Is threatened by those in line
So avoid that queue!

103. Doomed Titanic
Must seem like hopeless panic
Death so ironic.

106. “Ferryman, a coin,
Ferry me across the Styx,
Make haste, and no tricks!”

122. Inevitable.
You are born, you live, you die.
Nature’s progression.

142. Timelessness exists
As eternity appears
When we meet our end.

145. Black darkness ensues
Total nothingness plays host
To the last outpost.

168. Beyond a dark grave
Lies an awesome mystery
The last frontier.

178. The valley of death
Where travellers do return
As ash in an urn.

31. Live life gracefully
Avoiding calamities
And try to cheat Death.

70. Only one question.
When a man departs this earth
Did he have passion?

104. Tilting Titanic
Bubbles up its final breath,
The full stop of death!!

120. Obliviousness,
Impossible to reverse
The deep sleep of death.

134. The meaning of life
Something we can’t comprehend
Stops at journey’s end.

144. Black darkness ensues
Total nothingness abounds
Death is still around.

167. Beyond the coffin
Lies an awesome mystery
Entirely unknown.

172. The spectre of death
Is constantly upon us
Confounding us all.

192. On your last journey,
Luggage is not required
A mystery tour?

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