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Haiku Poems - Miscellaneous











5. Cuckoos destroy eggs
To foster their own offspring

17. On coloured steeds astride
Apocalypse horsemen ride
Your fate to decide!

38. To retain good friends
Pour oil on troubled waters
By avoiding strife.

47. A dark shot of gloom
Inhibits us in darkness
Ergo, let light bloom.

49. A light shade of green
Has jealous with envy been
Remains to be seen.

61. Defeat ignorance.
The modus operandi
Is improve teaching.

76. Wishes can come true,
But be sure what you wish for;
Some may go awry.

86. All things have an end.
Things like sausages have two.
Long live sausages.

92. An on-going spree
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
To please you and me!

97. Five fat fulmars,
Fleeing from fertile furrows,
Flying furiously.

101. Study of friction.
Wear on mating surfaces
Eased by lubricants.

119. Morning has broken,
Heralding another day
Wake and join the fray.

136. Our technology
Is making work redundant
Time is abundant.

139. Zero gravity
Journey to infinity
Earth unbound set free.

141. Habitual man
Conventionally urban
Bad habits are banned.

155. Peas the only thing
As long as they are mushy
With haddock and chips.

158. Impressive cave art
Indicates realities
Existing outside.

173. Inevitable!
Christmas is full of cheer,
But what of next year?

13. Bridges florescent,
Reflection on still waters,
Mirror our streetlights.

34. The love of money
Is the root of all evil
Be wise in its use.

39. To enhance friendships
Just agree to disagree
Thus easing tensions.

48. A dark shot of gloom
Have sadness in dark rooms
Let light be the boon.

54. Anniversaries
Those are days to celebrate
With champagne and cake.

64. New architecture
Symbol of modernity
Is unnatural.

79. The clarinet wails,
The loud saxophone prevails
Jazz bands uncurtailed.

87. Busy, busy bee.
How doth the sweet nectar flow?
To produce honey.

94. Congratulations!!
Your wedding day has arrived
Best wishes supplied.

98. Congratulations!
It’s your twenty first birthday,
And best wishes too.

105. For the eyes a feast,
The art of a masterpiece.
Wonders never cease.

135. Time in the future
When the world is efficient
No one needs to work.

137. Inhumanity
Creates heinous tyrannies
Yet man still survives.

140. Zero gravity
Black hole of infinity
And eternity.

146. Push the boundaries
Stretch it to infinity
Zero Gravity.

157. Last night of the Proms
Triggers Patriotic songs
With trumpets and gongs.

165. Man’s observation
And his curiosity
Promotes inventions.

189. Marilyn Monroe,
Exuding sex as she goes,
Red jelly on snow!

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