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Haiku Poems - Personal











2. The woodland’s for me
Away from town’s jostling crowds
Beneath leafy trees.

8. I’m in utter gloom
When you leave and sail away
So please return soon.

12. I look to the sky
The Heaven's dark canopy
Colander with stars.

46. Now that you are five
It’s great to be so alive
Wake, and taste that prize!

75. Doing my head in,
Thinking about you and me.
What will be, will be!

132. An old sage declared
can’t teach an old dog new tricks
You can this old dog.

177. Now you’re twenty-one
There’re heaps of things to be done
Go to it my son.

4. Sighing trees aglow
Above, sky of sunset clouds
My heaven below.

9. Your every wish
My consummate desire
Let wishes inspire.

42. Now that you are two
I wonder what you will do
Paint your face with goo?

69. Puerto Banus
A good family refuge
Bonding all of us.

96. Cats, I abhor them!
Their poo destroys my garden.
Nine lives too many!

138. Now that you are six
There’s nothing your Dad can’t fix
Have fun but no tricks.

196. The Great Gatsby play,
My grandson’s part to portray.
Good acting displayed.

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