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Haiku Poems - Philosophical











1. They say faith is blind
Ignore thoughts that bind the mind
But keep thoughts sublime.

10. To enjoy the Arts
We need to look and listen
And appreciate.

19. Proponents of Art
Think and reason to excel
For prosperity.

22. To expand your thoughts
Concentrate on your navel
And contemplate.

26. Seek and ye shall find
But where is that Golden Fleece
It’s all in the mind.

40. Solid foundations
Can not be built on soft sand
But can on bedrock.

51. Tomorrow always comes
As sure as day follows night
Be patient, alright.

53. Keep brain cells active
By exercising the mind
Writing Haiku Poems.

65. Open hearts and minds
To the glories of nature

95. Where do we come from?
Clues lie in our D.N.A
But where do we go?

116. Everything and nought
Love, romance, things worth a shout,
That’s what life’s about.

143. Don’t worry yourselves
Blind bake the pastry of life
To harden your soul.

149. Man is a damn fool
For some short time in his life
The wise avoids it.

161. Our intelligence
Is knowledge and our spirit
Feeds the inner soul.

193. For great ideas
Dig in the mind’s compost heap
To generate them.

197. The art of thinking
Is – Fillet your red herrings,
And discard the bones.

199. Wisdom recommends
Placing my thoughts in your shoes,
To know what you think.

205. Be clever in thought:
-Psychological vision
To improve insight.

3. To speak soothingly
Absorbing conversations
Contain many truths.

15. Falling autumn leaves
Reminds us all life is brief
Believe your beliefs.

20. Fleetness of time shows
The brevity of our lives
Make the most of it.

24. The Age of Reason
Confounds the illiterate
But stimulates thought.

37. Your Priorities,
Is dependant on your needs
Draw up a short list.

43. Live life joyfully
Tempus fugit and waits not
When its time, its time.

52. There’s no tomorrow
Tomorrow will be today
When tomorrow comes.

55. What’s the BIG idea?
Is it the meaning of life?
You solve that problem!

71. It’s Impossible!!
It’s just two letters too long
Makes it possible!!

100. The human species,
They are born, they love, they die.
The rest is faeces!!

129. Forge experience
In the smithy of your soul
To embrace the world.

148. To know how to age
The master work of wisdom
The art of living.

150. Man is a damn fool
Try to avoid being so
The dawn of wisdom.

190. Mountains of the mind:
Thoughts of a similar kind.
Sharp needles of pine.

194. Forget memory
And condemn nostalgia
Life lies in living..

198. Have an open mind
Minimise disruptive thoughts
Requires insight.

202. The perceived glories
Of ancient antiquities
Confounds the future.

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