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Haiku Poems - Political











18. Divine rights of kings
Leads to absolute power
But power corrupts.

28. Inhumanity
Destroys with ferocity
And intensity.

30. Abu Qatada
Appeals his deportation
Just in time or not?

57. Growth sorely needed
Hindsight; a wonderful thing
Foresight is better.

59. Prolonged recession
An inconvenient truth
Enough is enough.

66. Growth spending projects
Are needed through investment
For full employment.

88. The classical past,
Deeply dishonest present.
The verdict on Banks.

93. House of Lords reform?
Matter of indifference
In most people’s view.

107. The Mediator,
Mediates antagonists
To solve their problems.

110. Mitt the git Romney
Rude and undiplomatic.
Presidential Hope?

133. Radicalism
Declares hurt upon neighbours
A source of great harm.

163. Crossing the red line
Brings a shot across the bows
A shot in the dark?

191. A Ukraine crisis,
Deleting an “e” becomes
U.K. rain crisis.

203. Our generation
Is never far from ruin,
War’s apocalypse.

21. Build communities
Rejoice in freedom of speech
For liberty’s sake.

29. Inhumanity
Relies on sparing no one
In its chosen task.

44. I agree with Nick
But voters give their verdict
Have they judged too quick?

58. Austerity failed
Ministers; they don’t get it.
Growth needed stupid.

60. Beat the recession
Invest in infrastructure
Get people working.

68. Lobby journalists
Set a thief to catch a thief
Politicians euh!!

91. House of Lords reform?
Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas
Will never happen!

102. The news bulletins
Confronts us with Syria
And Hysteria!!

109. Mitt the twit Romney,
Keep your remarks to yourself
You’ve been proven wrong.

118. Let trains take the strain.
But high prices are our bane,
They think we’re insane.

156. Accounting an art.
Government accountancy
A very black art.

164. A coalition
Gives power to third parties
Serious power.

201. Quantitive Easing
Monetary methadone
Deceiving addicts.

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