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Haiku Poems - Religious











25. Shards of rainbow hues
Defines the Son’s dominance
Warming souls anew.

108. The robin at dawn
Heralds the glad Christmas morn
Our Saviour is born!

124. Religious beliefs,
Clings tightly to the flotsam
Their shipwreck of faith.

131. A belief in God
Does not mean lighting candles
Make life meaningful.

154. Freedom from desire
Is sought after by Buddhists
Leads to inner peace.

169. The gates of Heaven
I hope they remain open
For sinners like me.

176. Oh! for a Noah
To tell mortals what to do.
Sin renounced or two.

35. Shout Halleluiah!
The risen Christ is with us
Now and for ever.

123. A distant prospect,
Peace between Arabs and Jews
Can it be pursued?

125. Hate and aggression;
War rarely achieves its goals
So give Peace a chance.

147. Blue skies, high cloud
Draws us towards the heavens
Spirits are set free.

159. In the beginning
Was the reason for being
Man needful of God.

170. The Old Testament
The first historical book
Jewish heritage.

195. The earth within – God
Uplifts my soul completely
With thoughts most profound.

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