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Haiku Poems - Romantic











7. The pretty flowers
Within my scented bower
Astounds the mower.

23. Delightful Vision
I was born in love with you
That is my mission.

33. What sadness there is
In a painful broken heart
Left bereft of love.

99. You bring me such joy,
Love and gladness unalloyed
Spirit overjoyed.

112. Sweet silence the night;
Like diamonds stars shine so bright
Dawn puts stars to flight.

115. The moon’s pale mantle
Blankets the darkness of night
Earth exposed to light.

152. Time to laugh often
Is the music to the soul
Happiness ensues.

160. Quit this dreary place
To dream dreams of love’s embrace.
In deep sleep’s solace.

11. Smoke pluming skywards
The bright sparks whirling starwards
Stars and sparks conjoin.

32. Our greatest glory
Lies within our dreams and loves
Leaving us content.

36. An Assignation
Lovers clasped in tight embrace
And the world stands still.

111. Sweet silence the night;
Moon outshines the stars so bright.
Dawn seizes the light.

113. Sweet silence the night
Stars shining piercingly bright
Darkness is harnessed.

151. Time to be joyful
Is the avenue to love
Ecstasy ensues.

153. Desire to make love
It’s the privilege of gods
Therefore be godlike.

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