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Haiku Poems - Weather











14. Lambs and daffodils
are the harbingers of Spring
Gladdening the heart.

41. White horses seawards
Defining the gale’s approach
Batten down hatches.

73. In the gloom of June
Unprecedented monsoons
Disastrous doom looms.

80. England’s green meadows
Alongside a babbling brook
Evokes summer days.

90. In soggy July
Torrential rainfall occurred
Has the jet stream erred?

126. Why is Spring amiss?
‘cause Winter’s blast still persist;
Does sunshine exist?

128. Inhospitable,
Winter’s grip on frozen waste
Spring should be in place.

174. Canute turned not tides
No hope for Thames’ overflow
Now the Queen must try!

179. Somerset levels
Is totally dishevelled
A watery hell.

181. Strong gales, ceaseless rain
The enlargement of water
Cannot be controlled.

204. Catastrophe looms
Environmental typhoons,
Global warming soon.

16. Every body
Is swathed in gloom and despair
Due to the weather.

72. In the gloom of June
Flooding occurs everywhere
Can it mean we’re doomed.

74. In the gloom of June
Unprecedented monsoons
Dismal doom soon looms.

89. In rain-soaked July
Sunny days do not apply
Storms, and never dry!

121. A walk from Cookham
To view the flooded pastures
Power of nature.

127. Spring cannot be sprung.
While bitter winter lays claim,
Dearth of sun to blame.

171. One of summer’s charms
Watching swallows swoop and dive
The birds’ acrobats.

175. Gales blow. Ceaseless rain
Thames’ tidal tides are rising
Flooding Windsor’s plains.

180. In extreme weather
Work is unsustainable
How incapable!

182. Devastating gales
How destructive is nature
How futile are we.

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