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Frank’s Soliloquy on the 2015 General Election

To vote or not to vote, - that is the question:-
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the pangs of disappointment
Or prudent to accept the claims and promises made by politicians,
However, treat them with the contempt they deserve,
As wishful thinking and not worth a row of beans

To ponder, to think and by that process, what doubts, disillusions
And heartaches would beset us? Must give us pause
To sleep on it- perchance to dream. No more,
To dream of halcyon days - a land filled with milk and honey.

Instead, years of constant austerity and always jam tomorrow.
Where the rich; the have and the have yachts, get richer
And the poor; the have not get poorer, that’s life!
But who cares about that as long as we are all right Jack.

Politicians, hah, unable to give an honest answer,
In many cases, answers came there none,
Instead deriding their opponents as dishonest.
Without defending their own promises.

Now is the summer of our bygone days made winter by their frailties.
And we have to wait to see, the undiscovered country we are to be.
Today the Tories have won a small working majority
Now obligations demand we combat injustice and inequality!
And with endurance, we will confront our destiny.

Frank Waller. 30th May 2015

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