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Yangchow Songs


Camping In Yangchow

D'ye Ken Yangchow

Home Sweet Home


In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures


Sail Away


Sung to the tune of:- “Sweet and Low”
(Written by Dr. Keith H. Gillison between 1942-45)

C.A.C., C.A.C., Civil Assembly Centre,
C.A.C., you and me, why did we ever enter?
People on top of you morn, noon and night,
Days full of boredom and nights without light,
Ah for a home of our own dears!
Home, my pretty ones, home my handsome ones, home!

C.A.C., C.A.C., Yangchow in Kiangsu, China,
C.A.C., for you and me, where would we get a finer?
Lunghwa or Pootung, Chapei or Wiehoien,
May be much larger or boast of far more men,
Yangchow’s the place for me dears,
Me, my pretty ones, yes, my handsome ones, me!

C.A.C., C.A.C., “C” Camp, Yangchow for me dears,
C.A.C. You and me, where would we rather be dears!
We want no shift till the peace trumpet sounds,
Till that great day, then, we’ll stick to these grounds,
That day’s just round the corner,
Blow, my trumpeter, blow, sweet trumpeter, blow!

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