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Yangchow Songs


Camping In Yangchow

D'ye Ken Yangchow

Home Sweet Home


In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures


Sail Away

D'ye Ken Yangchow

Sung to the tune of:- “D’ye ken John Peel”
(Written by Dr. Keith H. Gillison between 1942-45)

D’ye ken Yangchow and it’s folk so gay?
D’ye ken Yangchow where the British stay?
D’ye ken Yangchow, Camp “C”, “B” and “A”?
Where I found I’d arrived one morning.


Come cheer up good friends of this company,
Let us live here together in harmony,
Yangchow’s our home till we’re all set free
And our ship sails away in the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow and the billets there,
With old Joe Evans a-tearing his hair?
If you’ve forty square feet and a breath of fresh air
You’d better stay put in the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow when the weather’s fine
And the bell tolls loudly at ten to nine,
While the captains number us down the line
At roll call parade in the morning?

D’ye ken Yangchow and the trees it grows
Poplar and Ginko and Guelder Rose
With it’s orioles, cuckoos, it’s hawks and crows
Our reveille at dawn every morning?

D’ye ken Yangchow and it’s labour squads,
It’s cooks and stokers a sight for the gods?
If you say “S.O.S” then it’s heavy odds,
You’ll be right with your guess in the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow where we bake our bread,
And knead our dough till we’re nearly dead?
But a thousand and a half have got to be fed,
So we’ll work all night till the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow and it’s fine canteen
With it’s peanut brittle and Ruby Queen?
My account sheet shows I’ve still a bean
But there’s nought to be bought in the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow and it’s soft-ball teams
Its boys and girls with their charming beams?
They slog and run till they split their seams
So you’d better look out in the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow and it’s showers so grand
With room for forty or more to stand?
You’d better take a pail in your hand
Or you’ll stay bone dry till the morning!

D’ye ken Yangchow with its Public Meet
With the Governing Board in the big front seat?
You can ask “Why” and “What” on a paper sheet
If you give the big Knobs plenty of warning!

D’ye ken Yangchow and its Hospital,
With its doctors tall and its nurses swell?
If you stay for a month then you might get well,
When you’ve climbed the back stairs in the morning!

Yes I ken Yangchow and its folk so gay
Hardman and Longhurst and J.E.Gray,
And Skipper Grant from the B.R.A.
With his whistle and his shout in the morning!

Then here’s to Yangchow and the friends I’ve made
As I worked with a dipper or broom or spade,
That the lessons learned there may never fade
Is the prayer of my heart in the morning!

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