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Yangchow Songs


Camping In Yangchow

D'ye Ken Yangchow

Home Sweet Home


In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures


Sail Away

Home Sweet Home

(Written by Dr. Keith H. Gillison between 1942-45)


We’re going Home! We’re going Home!
We’re on the road that leads to Home,
We’ve had enough of living rough
And now we want the real stuff, at Home Sweet Home

No more queuing for Yangchow stew,
No more sharing a room with you.
No more drinking from cheap tin mugs,
No more hunting for elusive bugs,
No more ichi and no more Ku,
No more roll call and whistle too!


No more stokers nor labour squads,
No more pleasing six hundred odd,
No more sitting on wobbly chairs,
No more yelling for shoe repairs,
No more saving up rags for mops,
No more dodging the fierce camp cops.
For there is no place like Home, there’s no place like Home


No more dou fu and no more yams,
No tombolas for canteen jams,
No more ointments supplied in shells,
No more fishing for tins in wells,
No more millions of C.R..B.
No more baking for the military
For there’s no place like Home, there’s no place like home,


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