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Yangchow Songs


Camping In Yangchow

D'ye Ken Yangchow

Home Sweet Home


In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures


Sail Away


(Written by F.J. Myerscough. Yangchow 1943)

If you can queue and not be tired of queuing,
But let the man behind you take your place,
And if some blustering fellow elbows forward,
Just turn to him a happy smiling face.

If you can keep your temper and your patience
And stand for hours beside the canteen door,
Hoping to have a share of peanut butter,
And only getting clothes pegs-nothing more.

If you can keep the rest hour in your bedroom,
And let your weary neighbour have a snooze,
And never make a noise to rouse his anger,
Nor clatter up and down in wooden shoes.

If you can do your duty in the kitchen,
And slicing onions never shed a tear,
And never come too late or leave too early,
But quietly do your job ‘till it is clear.

If you can stand at roll call every morning,
And strive to please the guards with all your might,
If you can wear your shorts just not too lengthy,
Nor yet so short to be out of sight.

If you can love your neighbour like a brother,
And yet not love his sister to excess,
And live your life in perfect moderation,
And loving brunettes love the blondes no less.

If you can speak and never use a swear word,
If you can feed and not make food your aim,
If you can learn your Russian, French and German,
And learn to speak good English just the same.

If you can be contented with your rations,
And always find you’ve got a bit to spare,
If you can eat your S.O.S. with relish,
As though it was a plate of caviar.

Yours is the Camp and everything that’s in it.
And you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

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