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In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures


Sail Away

In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures

Sung to the tune of:- “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?”
(Written by Dr. Keith H. Gillison between 1942-45)

What shall we do with a Yangchow camper?
What shall we do with a Yangchow camper?
What shall we do with a Yangchow camper?
When we find he’s naughty.

Oh my, what a business!
Dear me, what a headache!
How shall we solve the problem
Of the naughty camper?

Tell the police or his own Group Captain,
Notify the Discipline Committee
Threaten him with the Governing Body
If he will not heed you.

Dock his account in the Canteen ledger,
Fine him a couple of hundred dollars,
Stop his “perks” and his private cooking,
Post his name on a black list!

Draw six names frae a hat says Scottie,
Only six names frae a jury panel,
Gude enough at least for a murder trial,
Awa wi a’ your committee!

What shall we do with our naughty youngsters,
Boys of the cracked wheat age or under?
What shall we do with our wicked striplings,
When we find they’re naughty?

Give ‘em six of the best says Begley
Six good strokes of the cane says Matthews,
Quite O.K. says the Governing Body
Make their parents spank them!

“No jolly fear, not I” says Papa
“Oh my poor wee boy” says Mama,
“They might even die” says Popple,
“If we spanked too hardly”!!!

Stop all their games and their soft-ball matches,
Keep them away from the Wednesday Camp-fire,
Cut out their Saturday evening dances
Then perhaps they’ll feel it.

“Let them pull up weeds” says Truman,
“Make them carry bricks” says Denton
Put ‘em on fatigue in a smoky kitchen.
That will surely larn ‘em.!!”

My advice to my fellow campers,
Only hope for this weighty problem,
Is for all to behave like brothers,
We’re dished if we start to be naughty!

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