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Yangchow Songs


Camping In Yangchow

D'ye Ken Yangchow

Home Sweet Home


In Memory Of The Yangchow Disciplinary Measures


Sail Away


Sung to the tune of:- Darkies Sunday School
(Written by Dr. Keith H. Gillison between 1942-45)

Old folks, young folks, everybody come,
Pull your camp chairs in and make yourselves at home,
Kiddies bring your chewing gum and sit down on the floor,
And we’ll tell you better rumours than you’ve ever heard before…

I heard a fellow saying as I swept the passage through,
That Haile Selassie’s army has landed in Peru,
He’d heard some people talking in the middle of the night
In fact he knows its true, as it’s down in black and white.

The third despatch of parcels from our good friend U.S.A.
Arrived in Vladivostock, a week ago today,
Mrs. Dent’s been interviewed, and Mrs. Hall too.
So I guess you guys had best believe that that’s sure true.

A church residing lady says the invoices are in,
Her daughter saw the parcel man; he’s looking very thin,
The table-lifters’ calculation cannot be denied,
In fact the jolly parcels are just outside.

I went to ask a lady if a tub she’ll lend,
She said she’d had a letter from a Pootung friend,
All the men in camp from 17 to 72,
According to this letter were to go to Timbuctoo!

Last evening in my billet, I thought myself alone,
When I heard somebody saying in an undertone,
That all the loose women with no man attached,
Are to go to the office and get themselves matched.

Father Thornton tells me that he heard a man let fall,
The news that Yankee forces are attacking Donegal,
It seems they want the Blarney Stone, but struggle as they may,
He’s confident his countrymen will drive the foes away.

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